This is Paddy. He is a 3 yr old male, neutered male Shih Tzu. Paddy is intelligent and likes to play, he is good with other dogs.

An experienced owner is needed as this boy was spoilt and will show low level aggression if not getting his own way. Paddy grew up with young children. This rescue will provide ongoing support to any new owner.

Paddy has learnt a lot in a short time, we now need an owner to help us finish the job.

This is a highly intelligent breed that needs firm boundaries of behaviour. Paddy lacked this and learnt to use aggression against his inexperienced human family when he did not want to do something. He was indulged and allowed to rule the roost.

Paddy has come a very long way with me and is ready for an experienced owner who can continue my work. I will provide behavioural back up as long as necessary.

In the right hands he is a charming, clever little dog. he loves other dogs and walking. Paddy does not need cuddles so if that is what you want, he is not for you.

A proper little character!

Please share for an experienced home. Can live with other dogs.

If you have the right home for Paddy, give us a call or drop us an email:

Phone: 07800 658 669

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