Meet Lucy. She is what is now termed an old style Bulldog. Lucy is three and came to us a year ago with a history of aggression to family and visitors. She also did not mix well with other dogs and was terrified of passing cars.

Lucy came from a loving family who were not well versed in the possible behaviours in this breed. She is dominant by nature and having been showered with affection by her family, Lucy took charge and used her teeth when she felt like it. She didnt do any real damage and she came to me early enough for me to affect her development and I have no issues with her.

However, whilst she will walk happily with all our volunteers, is much better around cars, she still needs to be an only or possibly with a submissive male and will need a VERY breed experienced owner. Any hint of spoiling and Lucy will revert to her old ways.

That said, if you know what you are getting and with my help, she is a fun loving, Diva who is great to have around. Devon and Cornwall adult homes only, and experience a must. She wont cope with lots of density of traffic so centre of town would not work.

Most people won’t be right for this girl but if you are, she is fab!

If you have the right home for Lucy, give us a call or drop us an email:

Phone: 07800 658 669

English Bulldog
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