Meet little Jango – now Jimmy – he is a very sweet boy indeed.

Jimmy is now 7 years old, a British Bulldog cross and he has serious health issues.

Jimmy has no control or awareness of his toileting function. Otherwise he is a lively cheeky chappie who loves life and everyone around him. We have no knowledge of his past and want to give him every chance of a normal life.

Jimmy may have a neurological defect from birth. In which case there may be no answer to his problem. Jimmy has no seeming knowledge of the process of his body releasing urine or faeces. This happens slowly over time.

Jimmy lost mobility in his back legs far quicker than I had hoped, but he  begun hydro therapy at Pool for Paws with the lovely Terry. It won’t stop the paralysis but it might buy Jimmy some time. The paralysis will go no further than the back legs so Jimmy’s front half will always be mobile. After lots of hard work Jimmy no longer needed his wheels but as he is ageing the strength in his back legs is going, so now he has a bulldog buggy for outings.

We will do everything in our power to give him the chance of a happy life. The important word is happy however. He is becoming a chunky little dog and is not currently coping well with the loss of movement in his back legs.

Meanwhile, there is not much wrong with his sense of mischief – he destroyed two of our favourite cushions

Very sadly, we are noticing that the movement in his back legs is decreasing. He seems in no pain and some days are better than others. There is no telling how far the paralysis will progress we will just take each stage at a time.

Please give anything you can to help Jimmy

Jimmy, British Bulldog cross, Devon dog rescue and rehoming
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